Nick's Pizza
108-26 Ascan Ave
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Phone: (718) 263-1126

Date and time of trip: April 4, 2003, 10:30 PM
People Present: Audrey, Tien
Pre-meal Events: Mets game (4-0)
Weather: very cold with mist and rain most of the night and about 39° outside.
Hunger Factors: Audrey - very hungry, Tien - hungry

Pizza Ordered: Large Mushroom
Beverages: Audrey - Peroni, Tien - Brooklyn Lager

$13 for a large pizza, $2 for the toppings, $3.50 per beer

The crust was quite "airy" and burnt, but not negatively so. The burn was also an even burn across all of the crust and not just on one side like you get at many other places. The crust not tough like many other crusts which get too chewy. The crust comparison is to the brick oven pizza places. Nick's apparently has a specially designed metal oven that acts like a brick oven. We aren't going to argue with them, since the results speak for themselves. Some people like their pizza with some saltiness, but in this case, the crust was well salted so no salt was needed, despite the lack of pepperoni. The sauce was very good and seemed to be freshly puréed. The cheese was also very fresh. Another positive of the pizza was that it wasn't dripping with olive oil like some other places.

Also adding to the pizza experience was the overall atmosphere which was great. The staff was very friendly and mildly entertaining. The actually restaurant was remarkably clean, well-lit, and roomy. This is different from many of the other "top-contenders" in New York which often provide for a cramped space with a dimly lit dining experience.

Comments to take away:
"Fantastic!", "Fresh and Light", "Yum!"

Overall Ratings (out of 5):

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