Grimaldi's Pizzeria
19 Old Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11201-1322
Phone: (718) 858-43007

Date and time of trip: June 22, 2003, 3:35 PM
People Present: Audrey, Tien, Guest Reviewers: Abby, Lynn
Pre-meal Events: Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge
Weather: overcast and 68°
Hunger Factors: Audrey - very hungry, Tien - very hungry, Abby - medium hungry, Lynn - not very hungry

Pizza Ordered: 1 Large Peperoni, 1 Large Plain
Beverages: Audrey - Stewarts Cream Soda, Tien - Tap Water, Abby - Diet Coke, Lynn - Diet Coke

$16 for a large peperoini pie, $14 for a plain pie, $2 per drink

The crust at Grimaldi's Pizzeria very thin and moist, with the two different pies having different amounts of burned crust, with one not having any burnt crust, and the other being slightly charred in places. This is can be attributed to the coal oven that Grimaldi's uses which like other coal ovens have uneven performance in the oven. The crust at the end of the pizza has a good consistency overall and is not tough or too chewy. Audrey described it as "pillowy soft" and Tien felt that the very edge of the end was "quite crispy (in a good way)". The bulk of the crust (under the cheese and sauce) was kind of floppy, which might be caused by the tomato sauce. The sauce itself is very simple and tastes very much like a fresh tomato would and does not contain too many spices if any at all. It even has small chunks of tomatoes in it. The cheese was fresh, smooth, and very good. The saltiness of the pizza is something that one should consider when eating at Grimaldi's. Because a plain pie and a pepperoni pie were ordered, there was a good sampling of normal vs. salty. It should be noted that the salt-factor was a point of disagreement among all the people present. Audrey felt that the pepperoni was perfect, but the plain was not salty enough. Abby liked the mild taste of the plain, but the pepperoni was also delicious in her opinion. Tien thought that the pepperoni was also excellent and the plain was just that, plain, but still amazing. Lynn did not have much of the pepperoni, so declined to offer an opinion. It should be noted that the type of pepperoni used was not the typical kind that one gets on regular pizza, but the smaller and more flavorful kind. The pepperoni pieces were also relatively thick. Olive oil is also added to the pizza, which Lynn noticed while waiting for the ladies room.

The atmosphere of Grimaldi's was that of an old-time pizza parlor, with checkered tablecloths on all the tables and music on in the background. The walls are adorned with portraits of people like Frank Sinatra and photos of other famous people. The staff, however, conveys a rushed and somewhat rude feeling to the customers and is not that attentive. When ordering originally, the table clearly ordered pepperoni and mushroom, but was given pepperoni and plain. When this was brought to the waiter's attention, he simply shrugged. The plain pie was kept because it was hot and ready to be eaten.

It should be noted that Abby and Lynn both ate more than they originally thought they would, which should serve as an indication of the pizza quality.

Comments to take away:
"Great Crust", "Best Pepperoni", "Service Lacking"

Overall Ratings (out of 5):

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