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Welcome to our pizza review page! This was a crazy idea that we both came up with one night while eating pizza and hopefully there will be many people that come look at our page and we hope to review many places. You might be wondering why we started this. Well, there is often a debate as to where the best pizza in New York is and while this won't really answer that question, it can serve as a guide as to what we think. But I guess the main reason is that we simply love pizza.

Well, we hope that you enjoy our reviews, because we certainly enjoy eating the stuff.

Click on one of the links below to get started (as we eat more, there will be more reviews):

Arturo's Coal Oven Pizza
Grimaldi's Pizzeria
Joe's Pizza
John's Pizza
Nick's Pizza
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New to the site:
A review of John's.

Coming soon:
A profile section, where you can see what kind of pizza we like and use the scales accordingly (this has kind of been stalled).

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